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edtec China 2019 to hold most free conferences ever in history, with new topics to lead the forefront of the industry

Medtec China 2019 will take place in Shanghai this fall from September 25-27. The three-day exhibition will offer visitors with Regulation, Quality and Technology themed conferences. Speakers are invited from the FDA, Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) Medical Device Supervision Office, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) Medical Device Quality Supervision and Testing Center, Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute (ITEI) Medical Device Reliability Lab, Nelson Lab, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Central R&D Management Department, and other authoritative agencies and renowned companies.

The conference topics will cover major technologies and challenges in such fields as medical design, electronics, injection molding, adhesives & welding, surgical dressings, packaging, regulations and markets. The number of free conferences within Medtec China this year will reach a historical high, providing more valuable learning opportunities for industry practitioners. Click here to Pre-register to participate in the free onsite conferences.


New topics to offer precise solutions to technology pain-points

Medtec China will launch new free technology conferences to meet exacting needs including Technology Development of New Type Medical Dressings, Core Components and Technologies of Medical Electronic Products, and a Seminar on Medical Bonding and Welding Technology. Discussions will be conducted on new medical dressings, molds and injection molding machines, cardiac pacemaker core components, humidity sensors, highly-integrated single chips, and the latest research results and technology applications of adhesive and welding. The world’s largest professional manufacturer of CNC, robots and intelligent devices, FANUC from Japan, and FBGS, a leader of technological development of optical fiber strain sensors, will also appear on site to analyze hot topics, and answer relevant questions on technical challenges.

There will be 60+professional conferences, with more than 900 delegates, being conference speakers is the best way for technical communication and to target customers. Conference sponsors are being recruited. Click here to discover more conferences detail in 2019.


Traditional popular topics leading the forefront of technological innovation

After the great success last year, the second session of Regulation Lectures will focus on the theme of ” Edition of Regulatory Lecture: Best Practices for Product Compliance and Market Launch.” The domestic medical device leader WuXi AppTec will continue to share detection endpoints of major biocompatibility tests, and reprocessing validation for reusable medical devices. In addition, the audience will also learn from the Regulation Lectures about ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, 510K, De Novo, PMA, MDSAP, UDI and other European and American regulations and their updates, and MDR Requirements for Pre-clinical Testing



The Third Medical Packaging & Sterilization Forum will share contents like radiation sterilization, an update of ethylene oxide sterilization technology and verification processes; Beijing Enjoyjob Design will join the 4th Medical Device Design Forum, analyzing from a practical perspective of product development how to enhance the sense of design of medical products; and the 5th Market Report Track of Medical Device Industry, one of the most concerned parts, will be supported by an authoritative consulting firm, with insights into the latest trends and hot spots within the medical device industry, as well as new growth points of the market.

Medtec China 2019 will be held from September 25-27, 2019 in Shanghai. Registration for the “MDiT Forum and Regulation Summit 2019” has been now initiated. Register NOW immediately and you’ll receive an early bird ticket. Click here to view the profile of all conference activities and to proceed registration.

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