Suzhou International Expo Centre

Medtec Innovation Suzhou

2024.12.23-24 | B1 Suzhou International Expo Centre

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Why Visit

5 reasons to attend Medtec China 2024
1.Access to more than 2,200 global suppliers of medical device design and  manufacturing from Medtech World
2.Free access to advanced products/technologies/service for the medical design and manufacturing industry
3.Resolve key technical challenges and problems in the processes of medical product development and manufacturing
4.The opportunity to explore regulatory updates in China, the US and the EU
5.Access to market trends and forefront business opportunities 

Get your free pass to Medtec China 2024, you will get:
1.100RMB show directory
2.Free admission for exhibition and conference (Specific seminars are excluded)
3.Lucky draw and free chance to join paid-conference
4.Network with the market leaders and building new business contact leads


Key exhibit categories include:

1. R&D and Design Services

2. Computing and Software

3. Materials

4. Adhesives and Adhesive Products

5. Components

6. Eletronic Components

7. Motors and Motion Control

8. Pumps and Valves

9. Filters and IV Products

10. IVD

11. Cleanrooms and Environmental Control

12. Manufacturing Equipment

15. Tubing and Extrusion

16. Surface Treatment

17. Pharmaceutical equipment and services

18. Testing, Metrology, Inspection and Calibration Equipment & Supplies

19. Printing, Labeling, and Bar Coding

20. Packaging and Sterilization

21. Consultants


2023 Partial Exhibitor List

Who visited Medtec China?

MDiT Forum and Regulation Summit 2023:

“MDiT Forum and Regulation Summit 2023” included:
• Regulation Track: Chinese Regulatory Updates and Compliance
• Quality Track A: Advanced Medical Device Life Cycle Risk Management
• Quality Track B: How to Manage QSR Compliance with FDA Regulations
• Technology Track A: Boosters for the Birth of Medical Devices-Innovative Medical Materials/Accessories and Precision Machining
• Technology Track B:Plastic Molding Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing
• Technology Track C:Precision machining equipment and Technology Forum
• Technology Track E:3D materials and technology application in Medical Device
• Technology Track F:The 6th Conference of Medical Device Design
• Technology Track G:The 8th IIMD China Summit-Implantable and Interventional Medical Device
• Technology Track H:Technology Development of New Type Medical Dressings
• Technology Track I: Seminar of advanced Technology of Medical Bonding and Welding
• Technology Track J:Advanced Active Medical Device Technical Forum
• Technology Track K:The 5th Session of Pack&Ster Hub
• Technology Track L:Core component and technology Seminar of dental products
• Technology Track M:Quality Focus – Medical device life cycle risk management
• Technology Track N: The 4th Advanced Automation Medical Device Manufacturing Technology Forum
• The 4th Edition of Regulatory Lecture: Practice for Product Compliance and Market Launch
• The 7th Market Report Track of Medical Device Industry

Concurrent activities- An efficient interacting platform for exhibitors and visitors
Regulatory Lecture
The 4th Edition of Regulatory Lecture focused on “Best Practice for Product Compliance and Market Launch”. Keynote Speakers from WuXi AppTec China Medical Device Testing Center, BSI China, and MID-LINK BIOMEDICALTECHNOLOGY GROUP joined this session and shared their insightful views.

The 7th Market Report Track of Medical Device Industry
To serve the needs of visitors to capture industry trends, Medtec China invited consulting companies such as Frost & Sullivan Great China , BGICO-WIN (SHENZHEN) PRIVATE EOUITY CO.,LTD , China Medical Device Industry Association to the show to share the latest market reports covering the medical device industry, the entire medical industry, and the new growth points and changes in the medical device market.

Quality Focus
Medtec China has a co-located show, Quality Expo, for establishing a resource exchange platform for people working in quality control. This year’s show gathered many high-quality testing companies such as Techmax Info Tech,KEYENCE, MARPOSS,Wuxi Rely-Measure Measurement Technology , Shanghai Heartpartner Testing Equipment to exhibit, as well as hold a Quality Expo conference focusing on quality control, which provided a professional communication platform for quality engineers.

Advanced Manufacturing Focus
Medtec China 2023 paved the new launch of conferences theming at Active Medical Equipment. Topics including “Advanced Medical Device Life Cycle Risk Management”, “Advanced Active Medical Device Technical Fourm”, “The 4th Advanced Automation Medical Device Manufacturing Technology Forum”. Specialists from Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Institute, Institute of Integrated economy, and Technology of Mechanical Industry Instrument, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. exclusively explained the key points and difficulties.